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If they are lucky learning cooking, gardening, decorating, patience, and the importance of family at difficult times. Not to mention how to deal with lack of concentration and restlessness due to worrying about their loved ones and the virus.I’m a secondary school teacher sitting here in a live Microsoft Teams lesson I’ve organized for my GCSE class and not a single student has attended yet. These are great kids who are enthusiastic in class but many do not have much tech at home or can’t find a quiet space. Completely true, I imagine lots will need additional support to get back on track when they go back not sure how the teachers will cope right here our predicament.

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We have 2 school children (aged 12 and 8 ) we also have a 5 month old baby which obviously requires a lot of care. I work full time at home which leaves my partner – expected to home school two children and care for a 5 month old. Not practical in the slightest! Baby in one hand, type with the other? Not sure what the problem is tbh mate. Feels like an excuse to me My son gets set a full days work of 6 hours, unfortunately he isn’t motivated and I’m not sitting with him for that amount of time each day ( would love to, just not feasible!).