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At this point, I got up from my seat and started gathering my things, “No, I don’t.” I laughed and sent a panicked look to the attendent who was standing mere feet away from me at her little nook near the compters. Somehow, this woman without knowing the full extent of the situation looked at me and was like, “Oh dear, that book you were looking for just got here. Let me show you.” and quickly whisked me away to a more segregated part of the library. She asked me what had happened and I cried and told her that I wanted my mom to pick me up. I explained the situation and she looked horrified. Within minutes they had security escorting him out. when i arrived there a few minutes later my daughter was sitting under a tree reading Wilbur Smith’s River God.

Tis the science christmas scientist funny science teacher new design shirt

I approached the teacher and ask “what on earth is wrong?” The teacher straight faced said to me “I’m concerned about (her) because she isn’t playing with the others and is reading a book far to old for her age. I quietly thanked her for her concern and said I allow her to read whatever is in the house or what comes in the library. She questions if she doesn’t understand or puts it back if she doesn’t like it. as for playing she has a lot of friends whom she plays and our house is full of people, so I’m sure she is enjoying the quiet time. Please leave her to it.

Tis the science christmas scientist funny science teacher new design s Hoodie

The only thing close to inappropriate was when I was maybe 8 or 9, and had chosen some books from the adult section. I was reading at an adult level by then, so I read whatever I wanted. The librarian was hesitant to check them out to me, as they were “old for me”. My mom was with me, so she asked her first. My mom, who was proud of my reading and language ability, told her I could read anything I wanted. I was sitting at a table in the library in third grade reading a book. Suddenly the librarian comes up to me and snaps, “What are you reading?” I told her and she replies, “You can’t read that!” I was rather bemused as I was in the middle of the book.

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