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So, a clear sky, perfectly visible buildings and a turn into them rather than away equals an intentional act, not an accident. A know a guy, he told me he was a managing trader (some title or other like that) at Morgan Stanley (?) on 9–11. Offices in Two World Trade Center, 92 floor. When the first plane hit, there was panic, confusion. People running, they weren’t sure to where or from what. People hiding. My friend, the managing trader, call him T, was there in ‘93. The truck bomb in the parking garage. T didn’t know what just happened, but, remembering the ’93 bombing, he knew it was bad; he knew it was time to leave. T ordered his people out of the building. He then went searching the offices, looking for people, ordering them to evacuate the building. He found some hiding, under desks, in the restrooms. Some just sat at their desks. T told the all the same thing: get out of the building.

Tis the season to learn science xmas new design shirt

First, it was clear and sunny, no fog so no weather-related problems. Second was the size of the gash. I’ve been to the WTC so I knew just how big the buildings were and the size of that gash was way, way too big for a small commuter. Look at the picture again and think about what it shows. Maybe you can spot the next thing. Think about it, that picture is pretty much the view the pilot of the aircraft would have had (except for the upward angle of course). 1 WTC is on the right while 2 WTC is on the left. Any pilot who has two tall “anything’s” (buildings, towers, mountain tops, etc.) pop up in front of him will react by turning away from them and, since 1 WTC was pretty much in front of him, a turn to the right would have been the easiest path to escape (see all the blue sky to the right?) so the pilot would have turned right, the direction in which it would be easier to clear both of the buildings. Turning hard left to clear 1 WTC would have just resulted in him hitting 2 WTC instead so a turn to the right would have been the only possible choice…if he was actually trying to avoid hitting New York’s tallest buildings. Look at the picture, clear blue sky to the right and 2 WTC to the left, it’s pretty obvious right was the way to go so what did the pilot do? Look at the angle of the gash. It’s obvious the airplane is turning left toward the buildings when it hit, not away from them.

Tis the season to learn science xmas new design s Hoodie

So the attack on the World Trade Center was born. The towers collapsed, 3,000 died, and in 2003 the United States pulled its troops out of Saudi Arabia… It is estimated that it cost Al-Qaeda $500,000 for 9/11… So far we have spent five trillion dollars on our response… I had just landed at Melbourne Florida and had parked my plane at the FBO. I walked into the building and was making the normal post flight arrangements with the FBO for gas when I overheard a bunch a folks gathered in front of the TV (that I couldn’t see) and asked what was going on. Someone said a commuter aircraft had just hit one of the towers. I’m first thinking of an “accident” in the fog (like decades ago when a B-25 hit the Empire State Building) but as I walked around to see the TV it was showing basically the view that’s in the picture above but immediately everything was all wrong.

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