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The biggest problem we have now is it’s only getting worse. I don’t see anyone coming up in politics that I can get behind fully. I mean seriously, a racist republican with views of women as second class people, or a breastfeeding democratic gay man is what the office of president is trending too. The Republicans have no one but extremely conservative people who are pushing what they want, but not the majority of Americans want. To think that in this day and age that abortion is being questioned and considered that maybe the government should look into this being overturned is insane. The Democrats are to busy trying to please minorities, or LBGTect…, that they are afraid to do or say anything bad or be honest about what’s going on. How can Americans afford to give free medical care, food, support, and anything else to millions of illegal immigrants who are flooding into America? Homelessness and crime has increased dramatically and nothing seems to be getting done to combat it.

Biden is just a buffoon. There is no way he would have become president running against anyone other than Trump. People didn’t vote for Biden, they voted for against Trump. Covid also help Biden by keeping him away from people and live interactions with people. Keeping him safely in his basement, reading things written by others without having to worry about having to think on his feet and answer questions or defend his actions. As much as people said Trump was racist, I’ve never heard any candidate say so many racist things as Biden did during his campaign. “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” “I will only consider minority women for Vice President” “Poor people can be as smart as white people” I mean seriously? Not only VERY racist, but sexist as well, and Harris has done NOTHING AT ALL! Name one accomplishment she has completed? Shes had one job, and hasn’t done a damn thing about it. We should be getting weekly updates on what she’s doing to stop the border situation, but what are we hearing, crickets. She’s a abomination to the job, worthless, incompetent, and doesn’t even care, or try to do anything. Both Biden and Harris only come together when there’s a “mass shooting” or something racist a white person does. Team Biden is by far the most incompetent, worthless, stupid, and puppet like administration I’ve ever seen, I can’t stand Hillary, but I would take her any day over these idiots we have now.

I felt Obama did very little, he was considered black, so that’s what he was. He didn’t want to screw up anything, so he didn’t try to do much of anything. He played it very safe. Trump, did a lot. I felt he did some good things and some bad things, the problem was his personality and lack of character overshadowed everything he did or tried to do. His treatment of women, military personal, disabled people, and anyone who disagreed with him was reprehensible. He doesn’t have the capacity to not be offensive so no matter what he did or said it wasn’t going to be ok with many people. All this doesn’t include anything illegal he may or may not have done. He doesn’t have the right personality to work with people and get things done, only steamrole over people, and that’s not going to go over well with most people and as president, it shouldn’t be tolerated.

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