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America now can look itself in the mirror that it would have never dared to face before, and rebuild with the knowledge that its system of government is so robust that even with a financial idiot in power it has remained functioning. This means that they do not need a financially competent person, nor even a religious populist who can only sow the seed of division, they merely need a person of integrity in tune with the needs of an evolving world, and for that I wish them the best of luck.

It has been tried occasionally in the past, perhaps they will try it again because any greatness that America ever had, came from such people, not from those who capitalized on their legacy. We have the best universe. Somebody told me that. It didn’t always used to be that way. I made it that way. It used to be a shithole universe, but people tell me all the time I made it better than it was. Best now. Believe me. I did that. Best universe ever.

The asker if this question is so traumatized by a man they let live rent free in their head LONG after he wasn’t even the president anymore that they should just stop wasting precious resources and time because they’re STUPID… too stupid to live in fact. Omfg get the hell over it already! Beating a dead horse with a stick is less pathetic than you.

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