Official I Don’t Like Sand Shirt

Official I Don’t Like Sand Shirt What is away from home? It was when I called to hear my father’s voice sounding loud. Just ask: Are you sick? Dad said, “Why are you so good?” He was just coughing a little … So he asked if it was cold and cold in the north. Dad, yeah, it’s a bit cold. Just a little more than a minute of talking and your eyes are blurry! It is like that from home!

Far away from home is when I hear my mother’s phone, she tells the neighbor child to remind me of my name, every day he asks me how long I am. Official I Don’t Like Sand Shirt Dividing away from children is always the most frustrating thing because we spend a lot of love for them but not sure if they remember us. However, having a child up to three still misses me.

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