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This was 7 years ago, late 2013. I’m going to Southeast Asia for some business trip. During transit in Abu Dhabi, I remember I’ve got pretty bad jet lag and I felt tired as hell, I almost passed out several times. But since it was a very important business trip I decided to go on, and board the plane. As I recalled when I board the aircraft, I felt this particular flight attendant notice something wrong with me. She decided to follow me to my seat, help me with my carry-on luggage and putting me in an aisle seat (rather than windows seat which I was assigned on). At that time I knew, she realized something wrong with me. Afterward, I fell asleep instantly and I missed my first meal. In the middle of the flight (3-4 hrs from take-off), she tried to wake me up several times, she wants me at least to eat something (since I didn’t eat nor drink anything since boarding the plane) she pretty concerned with my condition

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I keep refusing her (I’m still 25% awake 75% asleep, I even didn’t realize that the one who offered me to eat was the same lady). This is the one that sticks to me until now. Maybe most FA out there will go away and let me back to sleep. But not her, the next thing she did was she grabbed some meal and beverage from the galley and then starts to feed me with a spoon and straw. Even she kept checking my condition once for every hour before landing. When the plane lands, and the passenger starts to deboarding the plane I tried to find her to say thank you. But I never found her, her colleagues said that she’s been transferred into another flight. Until now, I never say thank you. But I found her social media (Instagram), she’s still working as FA with the same company and she looks happy and healthy. God bless her!

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