Thegoodshirts Merch B.D.S.M. (Buddhism) Shirt

A few months after doing Chasinghorse’s first tattoo, Potts-Joseph was inspired to reclaim the Thegoodshirts Merch B.D.S.M. (Buddhism) Shirt Moreover Yidįįłtoo for herself. She enlisted her oldest son, Izzy, who was 16 at the time, to do her own chin tattoos. As a single mom raising three children, Potts-Joseph says she and her daughter receiving their tattoos together brought the whole family closer; in a way, it allowed for a sense of healing after they had endured financial and personal hardships. “These tattoos really helped us find our strengths during a time that our family really needed it,” Potts-Joseph says. The markings were not only a proud symbol of Indigeneity, but they became a symbol of resiliency. In Alaska, an increasing number of Native women are carrying this idea forward, reclaiming the Yidįįłtoo and giving it a special new meaning.

Thegoodshirts Merch B.D.S.M. (Buddhism) Shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Thegoodshirts Merch B.D.S.M. (Buddhism) Shirt

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