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I was Home alone and since I am a nudist was walking around totally nude. I have a four car garage attached to my home. My wife was outwithhercarso One bay was empty and the door was open, the other three were closed one other bay or space was empty but door closed. I’m working in the garage in the nude putting some tools away and trying to find others on a high shelf while on a ladder. Out of nowhere a female delivery person comes through the open garage door with two boxes sees me nude and says oh my I’m so sorry, I have a delivery for you. I replied to her that I’m a nudist so it doesn’t bother me that you are looking at me nude you can look as long as you want, but what made you bring the boxes in a open garage door rather than at the front door? She tells me she leaves the deliveries inside a garage when she can so they don’t get wet or stolen.

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She then comes over to the ladder and starts a conversation with me asking if I need some help. Actually I did and handed her down a few boxes of power tools until I found the one I needed. Our conversation was about why go into someone’s garage, it’s like walking into someone’s house that has the front door open, you never know what to expect, a bad dog, a nude guy like me! She says if I didn’t deliver the boxes inside your garage I wouldn’t have got to see a nude person. I asked her if she liked the view and she said oh yes very much. While I’m on the ladder and she is handing me items to put back, her face is at the same level with my cock while I’m on the step ladder. I thought I had noticed she was getting her face as close to the head of my penis as /possible.

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