2020 You’ll Go Down In History Funny Christmas Ugly Sweater T-Shirt

That’s all changed in the 2020 You’ll Go Down In History Funny Christmas Ugly Sweater T-Shirt so you should to go to store and get this last couple of weeks. I’ve become more vocal on social media, sharing clips that focus not only on the injustice, hypocrisy, and cruelty Black folks have had to endure but also the obliviousness and complicity of white people to this reality. In the past, I’ve worried so much about the implications of making the white people around me uncomfortable—would my posting affect how my white coworkers work with me? If they didn’t respond, did it mean I went too far? Would they think I’m just another angry Black woman with a chip on her shoulder?—that sometimes I just chose silence. But I’ve realized that the stakes are too high now, as the pandemic and the death of George Floyd have continued to reveal the stark inequities that exist in this country.It’s time to prioritize the dire concerns of my Black community over the comfort of the white people around me, no matter the cost.

Kamala Forever Vice President 2020 shirt





In 2020 Save the drama for your mama-Llama in mask Christmas T-Shirt




I Don’t Regret Burning My Bridges I Regret That Some People T-Shirt




God Save America Us President Gift T-Shirt




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Funny Thanksgiving – 2020 Give Thanks Anyway T-Shirt



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Education Is Important But Drag Racing Is Importanter T-Shirt


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2020 You’ll Go Down In History Funny Christmas Ugly Sweater T-Shirt



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2020 Is Still Better Than My First Marriage Graphic T-Shirt

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