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Rudy Giuliani is a different matter. Technically, he is 63 Robert E Lee memories 1807 1870 signature shirt as legal counsel to Donald Trump. However his ability to litigate or even represent Trump in court as it was revealed a few days ago that Giuliani was administratively suspended by the District of Columbia Bar. An administrative suspension affects a lawyer’s law license in all the jurisdictions where the lawyer is licensed to practice. While Giuliani will no doubt quickly repair this (he owes dues), it affects the bigger picture with regard to his efforts. What kind of lawyer (or even campaign representative) does not do the legwork in advance to ensure you can have a press conference a hotel? In case you missed it, Giuliani attempted to have a press conference regarding Trump’s legal team and their efforts to fight the results in Pennsylvania at The Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, They ended up doing the event at Four Seasons Landscaping at a nearly strip of shops (include a porn store). That is an example of the efforts that Rudy Giuliani brings to the table for Trump. The legal efforts are not working (mostly because they have no evidence of any fraud and their lawsuit have been dismissed as meritless) .

63 Robert E Lee memories 1807 1870 signature shirt

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And, the chances of them getting any legal traction with their arguments is about as as effective as left-handed smoke shifter. I worked in a 3-person department within a larger department. It was my boss, a woman who was in a senior position to me, and myself. Due to personnel changes in the larger department and because I was good at my job and learned new things quickly, my bosses kept piling more work on me. I had several bosses – my immediate boss in my 3-person department, and 3 others in the larger department. I didn’t mind the additional responsibility. I excelled. I took this job right out of college, and I loved it. Some time went by and the woman in the senior position was laid off from our department. It was a very large company, and she ended up finding a position in another department. I ended up taking on the majority, if not all, of her responsibilities. They did not replace her in my department.

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