And into the forest I go to lose my mid and find my soul shirt

So one Saturday morning after it had snowed all And into the forest I go to lose my mid and find my soul shirt, my brother David cleared the snow from our driveway and sidewalk, then started to do the house across the street. Five minutes later, the front door bursts open and David is standing there screaming, holding something in his hand. As a vendor, I am required to visit a variety of stores weekly. THE most humiliating experience in my 25 plus years happened a few times at Walmart. Walmart has a men’s and ladies restroom situated at the entrance.The first restroom on the right is almost always the men’s restroom and ladies on the left. The next store visit was what I thought routine and entered the restroom on the right looking for the urinals and COULD NOT find them! Just then, i panicked realizing this store layout was different than normal,and I was standing in the middle of the WOMENS restroom!!!!! Luckily, with my early morning visits, no women ever screamed at me because they thankfully were taking care of business within in the stalls!!! When the truck arrived, the driver had me try to start my Bronco. It started right up.

And into the forest I go to lose my mid and find my soul shirt

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The driver said to follow him onto I-25, and he’d look to make sure I didn’t stall again. Then he’d loop back and tow me. He took the exit to I-70 just before my truck died again. I was able to pull over and wait for it to cool off as I figured that was what was causing the stall. About 15 minutes later, I was able to start it again. The next day they called me and said they found the problem was the oxygen sensor. When it got hot, it sent the wrong information to the computer to control the timing advance. That hadn’t caused a problem until I slowed down for the exit curve. They replaced it, and I had no further problems for the rest of the time I had my Bronco.

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