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I worled at a daycare for Baby Yoda hug Breast Cancer no one fights alone shirt 5 years. It was located in a church and I also worked for the church itself keeping kids during services, classes and special events. We got a new Director in about 2 years into my time there. We got along well. The parents of my kids loved me and I babysat for many of them as well. I love kids and I really enjoyed teaching them. One day, my assistant teacher called in for the 100th time (or so it seemed) she always had a headache or just wasn’t feeling well. Usually I just went with the glow but I was just really irritated because I was told that I would have to stay over to cover her time.

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I was also ungrateful and unprofessional and had a bad attitude. I was devastated. I loved my kids. I still worked for the church and stayed after Sunday services to pack up my personal stuff. My Church Staff boss came in and told me how sorry she was. She said the Director had asked them to fire me from my church childcare position, but they absolutely refused. She said she knew how amazing I was with the kids and the parents all loved me. I was rather impressed. That night, I was working during a special event and one of my daycare dads came over & told me how upset all of the parents were. He was a GSM at a car dealership and offered me a temporary hub for a few months. I was surprised and it meant the world to me.

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