Baby Yoda hug Minnesota Vikings shirt

They are close-minded. They are not open to people different from them Baby Yoda hug Minnesota Vikings shirt. They are also ignorant towards other countries of the world. Most of the information they get is via localized media which is biased and stereotypical. Most youngsters today don’t understand the origin and meaning of their own culture, tradition, religion, etc. They do it simply because others do it, just for the sake of it. Many people lack inquisitiveness and curiosity. They don’t want to reason or justify anything. Moreover, they expect others to read their minds without explaining anything. They also state or ask stereotypical and bogus things which are often funny and surprising. Even after explaining, they seem not to understand it.

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Baby Yoda hug Minnesota Vikings shirt

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How people are so inconsiderate of parents with strollers when trying to get on an elevator. People will often butt right in front of you and cram themselves onto an elevator when they could just as easily ride safely and usually quicker on an escalator. I have been in “elevator limbo” for over 20 minutes before when I could neither get on an elevator going up nor down and not a single person would get off to let me on! People are inconsiderate the same way when it comes to the wider gate at the station entrance/exit which was made wider so that larger strollers could fit through it without having to wait for the station attendant and manually scan your ticket. They don’t notice you’re waiting in line to use the wider gate. Piles and piles just keep rushing out of the same gate as if the one next to it is broken and don’t even lookup.


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