Back off I have a crazy sister she has anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people shirt 

Well, I wonder why the church opposes socialism. Give me socialism any day over the bigotry of the church. Christianity is socialism! To oppose socialism is to deny the word of God. As you speak of DJT, ask this question – What would Jesus do? I can assure you it wouldn’t be what the fool in the continues to spread – no love, no acceptance, no charity, no truth, no God. This false idol worship needs to end. It’s killing us. So some Christians aren’t going to vote for the literal devil? The progress I guess. It’s sad that this is even relevant in 2020. Let’s face it America is years behind the developed world Don’t fall for it. They’ll talk up a good game and then vote for him anyway because retaining power beats out principles. I grew up in the bible belt. Very closed-minded. I avoid it like the plague! Whatever they say God is the judge and He will decide who is a Christian and only these will be welcomed into heaven on their judgment day. God is not mocked. I do not understand how love and acceptance are against their church’s teachings, but greed and judgment are not? That’s not in my version of the Christian Bible. Thank goodness we got rid of the puritans and let them disappear to America. Religion is written by men and full of toxic crap. A Halloween when the scariest people will be those ‘without’ a mask. It’s about time to question Christians’ faith that supports Trump. I have been for 3 years now.

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Back off I have a crazy sister she has anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people shirt 

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