The Believe In Yourself Fitness T-shirt

The Believe In Yourself Fitness T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, And Sweater

The Believe In Yourself Fitness T-shirt! Well, here’s another first in the collection review stake: I’m a drone, circling hundreds of feet over the Netherlands and about to swoop into Duran Lantink and its first runway show his spring-summer-autumn-winter ’21. Sorry while I repeated to search for the designer. Ah, here he is, Duran-as-drone, hovering over the sweeping façade of the 17th-century Dutch Royal Soestdijk Palace. I can see some of the guests also buzzing: Hello! Out of all the plans designers have come up with during the pandemic, Link is definitely considered one of the funniest alternatives to the “fly-in” habit of editors, celebrities, and editors. language and influencers. And also very low when comparing carbon emissions, to Lantink’s mind is a mechanism that restructures fashion sustainability.
He’s been, ah, experimenting with his upscaling methods – buying back unsold brand clothing in his pioneering and daring way – since 2013. But this is his first show. him… and we’re about to begin. Full disclosure: On this tour, I was at home in London and Link was chatting over his aerial video as we almost zoomed in to watch his models parade through the back rooms of Palace and The Believe In Yourself Fitness T-shirt! Shaking his wings in greeting, he explained that appropriately enough, the former Dutch royal hunting lodge is now being repurposed by the Meyer Beckman Foundation as a foundational hub for sustainable manufacturing solutions. in the Netherlands. It will open in 2024. Duran Link is the first company to get through its doors.

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