Bernie Mittens Sanders inauguration meme of mood shirt

Changing jobs or careers due to necessity is not unheardof, even in non pandemic times. Duh Well, I am not a Trump fan, but some of us have had to do just that for other reasons in our lives. He isnt fixing anything broThe ORANGE FACED PUMPKIN HEADED BASTURD SAID LAST WEEK THAT 1 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE WENTBACK TO WORK SO THAT MEANS 1M OFF ONE WEEK AND 1M ON THE NEXT WEEK NOT VERY GOOD RESULTS.

But biden can’t fix anything he doesn’t even know what he is talking about half the I can’t wait to get my Mitts on you Bernie Sanders shirt moreover I will buy this time. No those are democratic cities that refuse help and let their cities be trashed by criminals. You should check out Seattle, Portland, Chicago,and New York for a preview of Bidens America.

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