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Trump also took aim at his vice president, warning that he hoped Pence “comes through for us” when he presides over Congress’s certification of the #berniesanders2021 bernie sanders the 46th president shirt But I will love this Electoral College votes on Wednesday. “Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much,” said Trump, adding somewhat unconvincingly that he was just joking. In a rally held in Georgia on Monday night—ostensibly to campaign for David Perdue and Loeffler, the two Republican senators who ran in Tuesday’s runoff election—Trump again denied the reality of his loss. “Hello, Georgia—by the way, there is no way we lost Georgia,” Trump said immediately after taking the stage in Dalton. “There’s no way. That was a rigged election. But we are still fighting it.” And others reflected on what a momentous moment this was for the American South. Abrams, who at one point this summer was under consideration as Biden’s running mate, is widely expected to run for governor again in 2022, challenging the incumbent Brian Kemp.  As the votes came in, Abrams didn’t exactly take a victory lap, but she did acknowledge that Georgians were on the verge of making history. This is a developing news story that will be updated throughout the day.

#berniesanders2021 bernie sanders the 46th president shirt

According to The New York Times, Pence told Trump at their weekly lunch on Tuesday that he did not believe he had the #berniesanders2021 bernie sanders the 46th president shirt But I will love this power to block congressional certification of Biden’s victory in the presidential election “despite Mr. Trump’s baseless insistence that he did.” The Times called a tweet by Trump on Tuesday—one that stated “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors”—an “inaccurate assertion that mischaracterized Mr. Pence’s largely formal and constitutionally prescribed role of presiding over the House and Senate as they receive and certify the electoral votes conveyed by the states and announcing the outcome.” The stakes for democracy could not be clearer. As the longtime conservative columnist George Will wrote in The Washington Post this week: “On Wednesday, the members of the Hawley-Cruz cohort will violate the oath of office in which they swore to defend the Constitution from enemies ‘foreign and domestic.’ They are its most dangerous domestic enemies.”

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