Captain Jay Baker a bad day is not an excuse for racism shirt

I chose to show him if he was not going to respect me he was not going to be in my world any longer. When he decided to give me the silent treatment . When I was running after him it was just giving him Supply ,after learning on the internet not to do that I would just look the other way. He decided to pull away and start seeing someone else, he decided not to answer my phone calls, make plans with me to go out , but decided to stand me up and go out with her or be so bold as to flaunt the fact that he is seeing her now , I felt like seeing them putting my thumbs up good for you !But others advised me not to – that would just create more drama. When you try and go no contact from them because of the way they are treating you ,they pull out all the stops and will do anything from verbally abusing you every time they see you verbally cuss you out every time you’re with friends grandstanding to try and discredit you & make others pull away from you or starting a smear campaign so that you verbally abused them and if they’re successful and you lash out at them in the public eye you have just made their story believable when they tell others that your the abuser & they’re the ones that should be trusted because they are the victim.

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