The Chelsea Edouard Mendy Kai havertz Mason Mount and N’golo Kante signature shirt

At any rate. She developed postherpetic neuralgia. Basically intense pain The Chelsea Edouard Mendy Kai havertz Mason Mount and N’golo Kante signature shirt the rash is gone and the shingles supposedly healed. It lasted six months. She called her doctor for an appointment due to the pain. The doctor pushed her off to a clinic. The clinic told her to take Tylenol and oatmeal baths. I hit the roof. My daughter was standing there in tears and shaking from the pain and they said Tylenol? Now she and I both understand that there are drug seekers and that the whole situation looked like a drug-seeking behavior. The thing is if she had seen her regular doctor, the one who knows her, and not a total stranger it would have gone down very differently. Her regular doctor knows she doesn’t use drugs, her regular doctor knows she has been offered a narcotic in the past for dental work and refused. For further clarification on her lack of interest in any type of drug?The Chelsea Edouard Mendy Kai havertz Mason Mount and N'golo Kante signature shirt

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She delivered a 9lbs+ baby with ZERO pain meds. No epidural no nada. Yep, she did tear some but anyway NOT a druggie. That’s what I hit the roof over. Basically, a total stranger telling my daughter she was a druggie suck it up buttercup. Her regular doctor would have done something differently or explained the reasoning behind the Tylenol only and oatmeal bath. When I was growing up, our next-door neighbor ran a truck repair business out of what should have been a storage-only warehouse. We tolerated this, but the trucks cut the corner of our property, and this lead to a burst water pipe. My dad got this fixed a few times, at his own expense. Finally, the water main was broken, again by a truck cutting the corner, and my dad didn’t get round to getting it fixed right away, and the leaking water flooded his garage and filled his inspection pit with water. This time the garage owner got the leak fixed, and it never happened again.

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