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They thought it was a cheaper bet to sabotage Bernie’s taxes and lost (for now. 750 million that could have been spent helping the CNAs earn their wings everyday shirt also I will do this homeless, veterans, students in debt, people with medical debt, schools, climate, etc. I love Bernie but he needs to grow some cojones and break with the establishment and do it. You have no idea what you are talking about 2 with your fake profiles should be ashamed of selling yourself to defend billionaires. CA, tonight Biden is at a fundraiser hosted by LA mayor Garcetti and Senator Feinstein. BrShoulda spent their money on affordable housing, better public schools, Flint water, better healthcare or paying off people’s medical GOFUNDMEs.

CNAs earn their wings everyday s ladies tee


But it’s shy of the CNAs earn their wings everyday shirt also I will do this needed 3 mils for the full 18 months of full-time work. Most all who have offered their financial assistance so far have been involved with the aerospace, exotic projects themselves, electrical engineers, physicists, etc. That money could’ve gone to go to I don’t know veterans homeless. Just saying Jason Verbelli It’s not a false analogy I’m talking about trump spending $100 billion of taxpayer money playing golf at his own resorts. Well, they spent a billion dollars bashing Donald Trump on commercials for months so I’m sure that got the Democratic party a few votes by Trump has spent 100 billion taxpayers money playing golf in the last 3 years. Steyer never once said anything interesting and Bloomberg brought nothing to the table but his own arrogance Bloomberg, it wasn’t a teaching moment.

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