Colorado Buffaloes 2021 PAC-12 men’s basketball champions shirt

My employer’s office was right next to the Queensborough Bridge on the Queens side. After my first day, I walked around the neighborhood and noticed that the bridge was under repairs with scaffolds and a small cabin in the upper levels. The end of April in New York was with warm days and cold nights: I needed a shelter. I climbed to the construction cabin, broke the lock, got inside and slept over a pile of dirty work clothes. In my later years I had been in worst situations than that, but those few weeks under the Queensborough Bridge stayed forever in my memory. Little I knew that there were homeless shelters and free soup kitchens around the city. I guess being cold and hungry pushed me towards being better and not to look back. Of course, him being a young guy, the Karen went off at him for being sexist and that women didn’t belong in the kitchen. By then, her food came out I’m talking five bags of food. No wonder it took a while.

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