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No Polling before the election Construction Excavator Christmas tree Excavation lovers Christmas shirt. The public should not be influenced by being told who is ahead or behind. Polling can resume after they are elected. With no advertising and no campaigns, there should be no donations. Giving money to a politician is bribery, period. We need the concept of No Confidence and Recall to be able to get rid of a president without a complex Impeachment process. If they get in with a vote, they should get kicked out with a vote. However, contrary to what games tends to portray, your shiny weapon isn’t actually that deadly and with exception of crossbows, do not make it to the control list. Ancient Chinese for the most part don’t have any restriction on owning swords and spears because even if you went crazy and start a killing spree with swords and spears, you are still just a person with a melee weapon. It is not very difficult for guards to take you down or for potential victims to defend themselves. The bow is more dangerous, but frankly, most people are terrible shots, so the damage isn’t big enough to worry.

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Crossbows, on the other hand, are very easy to use and its projectile path is straightforward and requires very little training, this means there is a high probability for someone to do serious damage with it, including killing the law-enforcement. Armor is, frankly, downright deadly. Unlike TV shows and games, a full set of heavy armor in the real world is very hard to defeat with ancient weapons. Even early firearms a lot of times have trouble penetrating tough armor. It is not uncommon on the ancient battlefield for heavily armored troops to take out unarmored adversaries several times of their size and the potential for damage is too great. It is not until the invention of the rifle, where the firearms became strong enough to counter typical metal armor, that the restriction on armor ownership is gradually lifted.


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