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But to answer your suspicion: No, I’m not a bo beep boop beep. There’s no way that (update) 5 of you wrote the exact same thing in the exact same way. well, obviously. Why else would we be on CNN if we weren’t the fake news crew? C’mon man you know the thing! What CNN is not saying is a good chunk of those fines is retribution to their victims. I guess CNN does not care about the victims just the votes they assume will be for Biden.

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Personally, I don’t think thieves, rapists, and murderers should be the deciding votes in an election. But with that said I recently had a brief conversation with an ex-felon the other day and he said it best. “I did the crime, I did the time, and I paid the fine, and after those three steps I was able to rejoin society properly and now I’m eligible to vote this year.

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