Created with a purpose #nurselife shirt

Now, 36 years since that time his mom is no longer with us and I have no regrets in encouraging him to do anything for his mother. I’m glad he took care of her when he could. I gladly put myself on the back burner out of respect to her the same as I would have done for my own mother. I don’t understand the disrespect that young women have today. It was never difficult for me because I simply viewed and treated my husband’s mother as I viewed and treated my own mother, aunts and grandma. There was never a competition between me and the older women in my extended family. I loved them, and It never crossed my mind to try to compete with his mother. He always put my feelings first and out of love and respect for my husband and because of how I was raised I always sought to show respect and consideration to his mother. It’s all about kindness and respect. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I roll. And today I have all the crystal I want and need. I’m not lacking in any area. Promoting their good relationship is a sure investment In your marriage.

Created with a purpose #nurselife shirt

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I deal with a diverse group of people working Family Practice. You see 20–30 patients daily and by learning their medical history, over time you get to know them personally. I always try to find something in common with a patient to connect us and then they’re more comfortable, more trustworthy and more honest. You build friendly patient relationships also. I will never forget this one patient. Bigger black girl had no filter. She would talk about her sex life to me. She straight up took off her shirt after she got implants to show those off. But the one thing that irritated me was that she never scheduled an appointment. She just walked in when it was convenient for her. But of course, we always worked her in. One day she arrives at 11:50am – 10min till our lunch break – We had a heart to heart discussion and she never did that again. But one Christmas she told me she bought me a gift. I wanna say a coffee mug and then there was a gift in the bag. I knew I was about to get myself into something but didn’t know what. I open it up and it’s a Porn DVD of Bigger Black Women and of course I turned red.

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