Cute Get away to upstate New York shirt, hoodie , swearshirt

Cute Get away to upstate New York shirt, hoodie , swearshirt
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Best Get away to upstate New York T-shirt

I would say honestly get lost. I’ve been to NY a few years ago and I can pretty much tell you that you have to be struck by serendipity! Just walk and be amazed by what NY has to offer. the best places you often find them without actually looking for them has happened to me in NY and here in Europe as well. Have lots of fun!! Get away to upstate New York. Get the ferry from east 34th street to Dumbo. Costs about 2 dollars. Takes you right under Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Get off at Dumbo for food, a walk around then at night walk back over Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan to see the city lit up. This so worth it. Best view of New York sky line. We walked over and catch underground back. I was a scardy cat. Brooklyn bridge a bit high. This is my favorite place to hang out in New York, nothing better than looking at the city whilst eating an almond croissant from Almondine bakery for breakfast. It’s a view that never grows old.

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My auntie lives in DUMBO so we always stay there when we go to New York. Walked over the bridge in 2017. Walked then into Brooklyn on this very path. Beautiful place. We got the ferry back over to New York. Brilliant day. You got some really beautiful video coverage. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing. I used to walk around that area quite often. I love NYC. We have visited 3 or 3 times, stayed in different areas each with its own unique character. For a city that size there are several wonderful green areas. Love it! We were lucky enough to do this in the Summer. A beautiful walk, with a spectacular view of the skyline.
Lots of little parks as you walk along and if you go far enough, an Ample Hills Creamery ice cream at the end. Not realizing how long it would take us, on the way back we caught the sunset walking back over Brooklyn Bridge.

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