Damn right I am a snoopy fan now and forever shirt

I had had enough. I stood up and said “OK, you’ve said your Damn right I am a snoopy fan now and forever shirt, she’s told you that you can’t have breakfast, so either SIT DOWN or leave.” He turned on me – and then every other woman in the place also stood up. I guess he triggered our ‘momma bear’ instincts because we were going to protect that girl. We all told him to get out and, as a group, we sort of pushed him out the door (by walking towards him, not actually touching him). I was about 10 or 11 and came home from school one day to find my mother just having finished cooking what appeared to be an over-large pot of white sauce. I couldn’t imagine why she needed so much. She told me she had cooked something special that we’d never had before and that she loved it herself as a child. I could see something floating in it that appeared to be colorless. I was stumped. She urged me to try it and when I put a bite in my mouth I was mystified. The white sauce tasted fine, but whatever was in it had a bizarre texture: soft, but also rubbery, and I could feel a repetitive pattern with my tongue. I took it out of my mouth to examine it, and saw it looked sort of like a honeycomb. I was horrified and demanded to know what I had put in my mouth. Tripe, she said. I had never heard of it, and I quickly declared I would not be taking another bite. Ever. She was really disappointed when my brother and sister later also refused to eat it. I asked her what tripe was and she really couldn’t give me an answer, other than it came from a cow. My grandmother later filled me in that it was the lining of a cow or sheep’s stomach. Later, we all had a laugh about it. Honestly, I don’t think she knew what part of the animal it was herself. I do know that she never cooked it again.Damn right I am a snoopy fan now and forever shirt

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