Dangerous creature shirt

Dangerous creature shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt
Duane’s smirk was long gone. It was replaced by an ever-increasing reddening of his entire head that caused me to think that it might explode. Anyway, one day while we were in the Dangerous creature shirt in other words I will buy this garage he pointed out something he had found. There was a set of shelves built into the wall where the noise of the cars would be if you pulled in. The shelves were unusual in that they had a full-frame around them, and the shelves themselves sat sort-of half-in and half-out of the wall. He had noticed that there was a hinge that could be seen on the side of these shelves, on the side closest to the wall. And after sufficient exploration, he had noticed a latch on top of the shelves, well-above a normal person’s eye level. He lifted the latch, and we swung the shelves open. My buddy punched a small hole in the drywall in the garage, and ran an extension cord from the garage and into the secret space, for light and for music. And also for a refrigerator for the beer! And he also drilled out a little hole and ran a fishing line to make sure he could lift the latch from the inside, to get back out.

For all of high school, he and his buddies – and me, when I would visit – would use the secret room for parties, for dates, for just about anything. At least three guys that I know lost their virginity in that secret room, and I have no idea how many girls did, too. The room became low-key famous, and soon was decorated with neon beer signs, posters, and a couple of couches and rugs that we salvaged from friends and neighbors, and then moved into the secret room when his mother wasn’t home. It was epic, there were lots of great parties and afterparties, and many nights spent sleeping off the alcohol on those couches. The gig was finally up at high school graduation when a number of folks mentioned the playroom in my buddy’s yearbook, and his mother happened to read the kudos and thanks to that folks had written. “Thanks for the playroom, man!!” “Buddy, what a great party we had in the playroom!” Needless to say, I got real drunk real fast. I was dating back then, and the party eventually moved into the apartment since it got late and the party room had closed. I can’t say I remember anything other than being in the elevator, but I was told, the following morning, a very curious series of events.

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