Diane blood runs through my Veins shirt

It’s one of the more surprising things that they seem to think her words came out of the blue and have never been heard before. Diana was far more forthcoming about the activities of the firm and we saw them use character assassination on her as a means to excuse Charles’ behavior. I still see people claiming that Diana was the one with affairs before Charles, when Charles never gave Camilla up all during the marriage. Even wearing cufflinks with entwined ‘C’s on his honeymoon with Diana.

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Diane blood runs through my Veins shirt

That’s the way it was back then, and we see the same thing happening now. Sometimes even the same stories. Always the Firm in the background dictating to us what is going on. If the palace wasn’t behind those stories then the sources need to be removed. No one seems to gossip about the Queen, and the radar goes dark when its a member of the family itself, but if you marry in the Mean Girls go to work.

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