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Down mummy bag on an isolated mat. Wool is great for mittens/gloves and socks because it keeps you warm even if it gets wet Disneyland America on parade shirt. You need a wicking inner layer to keep moisture away from your skin when you sweat. Wearing lots of layers rather than a bulky coat allows you to add and shed layers as needed. Have a windproof layer in case it gets windy. The key to staying warm is keeping dry and out of the wind. If you have a well-insulated set up human breath is a pretty good heat source. Add to that the heat from cooking and things stay pretty warm. Be careful of carbon monoxide issues. I hate a hot camp if it is cold out. It makes it seem colder for most of the time, the time spent away from camp. I always went camping on the coldest days of the year (highs below 0 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Disneyland America on parade shirt

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It was the best hunting of the year. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me and they all told me I would freeze to death in the windy subzero Fahrenheit conditions. I camped under pines and cedars which warm an area immediately around it. I had to keep fluids in my sleeping bag, or in an inner layer of clothes so they wouldn’t freeze quickly. Just be prepared for the conditions. The one good thing for really cold camping is precipitation is always snow. The climate of Georgia is mild and rainy on the coast and in the western plain, while it is more continental and arid in the central and eastern inland areas. In the mountains, it is obviously colder. I could have left her at home with her grandmother. Her grandmother would have preferred this. She was quite surprised when I said that I was taking my daughter for a walk in her stroller. I walked about a mile and a half or so. I had her dressed warmly in a blanket sleeper with a coat, hat, and mittens. We both enjoyed that walk so much.

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