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At the service, the preacher stepped up to Dog I didn’t fart my butt blew you a kiss shirt pulpit and said, “aren’t you all glad that Dorothy never had an abortion ?” He then launched into a thirty minute scathing sermon against abortion. I was the lead pallbearer, seated on the aisle, and I felt my cousin Dougie tense up. Another cousin who was seated in the family section loudly explained “what the hell is this shit? When I returned to the showroom, my manager asked why I hadn’t brought them in for an introduction. I told him the story of the funeral. With a pained expression, he said if I wanted to chase them down and kick the reverend’s ass, he’d hold him while I did it. He called him through pretty swiftly to help him for him to show him a GNAT bite on his leg- NOT a mosquito a gnat! he asked what the problem with it was and the guy told him he needed prophylaxis treatment for Lyme’s disease even though he had minimal redness/tenderness, no fever, was completely asymptomatic of anything systemic etc etc!

Dog I didn’t fart my butt blew you a kiss shirt

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Because the internet told him that he needed to get emergency treatment! He told him to basically get out after asking what his relationship with me was! Yes, Diesel engine cars are more economical to operate if it’s a good quality make and design! Doing the late 1970s and early 1980s. Diesel became very popular in automobiles and customers paid above manufacturers list price to get one! By the med 1980s the dealers didn’t want the cars on the lot, many models became a nightmare and you couldn’t give them away, like GMs. By early 1990s most manufacturers discontinued diesels in cars, even the great ones like Mercedes. I hope this is helpful. No you can’t. You can tell her not to use it in the house but that’s about it. The only way you would even know is if you were searching her room or her person. If you are doing that to an 18 year old it’s just pathetic. I started smoking pot at 16, I graduated from college with a 3.9 and make more in a day than some people make in a week. Reefer madness is just sad to see in this day and age.

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