You don_t win friends with salad Simpsons shirt

Giving with no expectations You don_t win friends with salad Simpsons shirt of getting anything in return. It is the source of all other feelings in the world and it is an end of them too. It can hear the silence and needs no words to speak. It can see with eyes closed and can touch from the distance. Nothing is deprived of it. Not even anger. It can be sensed in the anger because it is intensely in it. It is all around outside and it is everywhere within. Humans by nature want everything very easily.

They want that things should come to them You don_t win friends with salad Simpsons shirt and all they have to do is be a couch potato. Humans fail to realize the value of hard work. The same goes for love. We as humans fail to realize that love is hard and easy at the same time. We don’t admit that it is hard because then efforts will be needed to put in a relationship. Humans fail to admit that love is not just loving your partner. Love is everything around you only if you choose to see it that way. Love is you caring for your parents, your brothers, and your sister. It’s caring for your friends. It’s caring for the tree in your backyard or the squirrel that loves it.


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