Donald Trump Among Us kinda sus shirt

Flirted with Donald Trump Among Us kinda sus shirt. I was taking a 2 week class in another state. Everyone was a government employee. Whenever I went out of state, I rented a car. For some reason, the first day of class, the instructor asked everyone who had a car to raise their hands. She then preceded to tell everyone who did not have a car that we were now their best friends. She knew she wanted to attend church while taking this class, so she should have made arrangements that did not include inconvenience to someone you just met. While she was picking up all those pamphlets, she should have been picking up member’s phone numbers who could swing past the motel and pick her up. Oh, that’s right, she thought she already had a ride, me. We were gone exactly three minutes. No sooner had we walked back into the forest when both of us stopped dead in our tracks.

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