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The uncomfortable truth is that public health authorities and leadership must make rapid decisions with profound consequences with limited information. They must do this with transparency and informed by the best available science and ethical considerations. That this public discourse is also heavily politicized, rife with misinformation and mistrust, complicates this.

Sloth books are like people except interesting shirt

Currently, things are dire—Los Angeles County is looking at the worst-case scenario of rationing acute medical care. A new variant of the mutation has accelerated the spread of an already highly contagious virus. Despite record-breaking numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, it is likely we have not seen the worst of this surge. The spread of the virus to parts of the world with even fewer resources could be even more catastrophic than what has already occurred.

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There continues to be a long road ahead. Even so, in less than a year, a brand new infection was sequenced, and effective vaccines were delivered into the arms of people. Front line medical staff have drastically reduced the mortality rate of patients. Billions of people have cooperated, sometimes with great personal sacrifice, to slow the spread of this infection. This continues to be astonishing.

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