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There are certain problems to which this libertarian analysis applies perfectly Fishing sorry I missed your call I was on my other line shirt, and if put into practice, would be an enormous boon to humanity worldwide: Eliminating the self-defeating War on Drugs. Decriminalizing or legalizing the sex trade. Dismantling the “Iron Triangle” and other crony capitalist practices that collect rent and pick and choose winners and losers in the economy, which in the aggregate impoverish the rest of us who are not politically connected. Ensuring that we never return to a collectivist society, the likes of which murdered, imprisoned, and starved tens of millions in countries like China and Russia throughout the 20th Century, and can still be seen to impoverish millions in places like North Korea and Venezuela. On that note, it’s time now to say something controversial: Maximizing wealth is directly at odds with mitigating climate change. I will use a deliberately absurd and exaggerated example to illustrate this point.

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However, the scale of greenhouse gas emissions involved in the building and manufacture of all those luxury goods for everyone on the planet would be astronomical, and the effects on our climate disastrous. Part of addressing climate change from a libertarian perspective needs to involve a tough conversation about how we balance respect for people’s legitimate material aspirations (desires which libertarians rightfully understand spur innovation, growth, and drive the engine of our economy) while recognizing that ethical limits on consumption do exist. We need a definition of individual and societal success that does not rely solely on the material. But that’s a straw-man argument; the right to a “constant climate” is not something I’ve heard anyone propose. I would propose instead that under libertarian negative-rights analysis, we should accept that other human beings have a right to a livable climate, a right which it would be violence for us to infringe. The problem with a future world that is 3 degrees Celsius hotter than pre-industrial levels on average is not that it will feel a little bit warmer.


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