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All those heads of states who thought Trump would always be there to support them when they took a tough stance on China would get the consequences when Trump is gone. Australia was one of the countries that tried to take on China in support of Trump’s anti-China rhetorics. The war crimes is a much bigger story, you can’t refute that. China is taking a page from trump’s playbook where he accepts no responsibility for his administration’s handling of the pandemic response.  Maybe others should doctor Xin Jiang labor camps and disappearance of political opponents. It’s Australia that needs to apologize for the war crimes and compensate the victims. No country can hold it’s head up straight, but it is pretty disgusting that the CCP would stoop that low to digitally falsify an image for this purpose. While China seems to be throwing stones, is it not deflecting it’s sordid and gross history. One word: Uyghurs. China considers itself above any country on the world map and has never, ever apologized for anything. Australia has raised concerns about their own soldier’s behavior. What exactly is being deflected? If Australia wants to force China to apologize, Australia is welcome to sell its raw produce and college tuition elsewhere. Good luck. I am glad to see so many people treat China so differently. Whenever it comes to China, things get much easier: it’s always China’s fault. Hope you guys keep enjoying the trick and don’t wake up. I stand with Australia in this disagreement. China is an interloper trying for world dominance when its own human rights record is atrocious.

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Flamingo behind crazy daughter is a mother made her that way shirt

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Flamingo behind crazy daughter is a mother made her that way shirt

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