Friends Not Food shirt

Not TALLER, but depending on where your trousers sit and the Friends Not Food shirt it is in the first place but length of your shirttails, tucking in and putting on a belt will give your upper and lower body the proper balance and best accentuate your size, shape, and proportions. Your natural waist is the point where your upper and lower body join. It is best to wear trousers that sit at or just below your natural waist. With a tucked-in shirt and belt with at-waist pants, the belt at your waist creates a natural break between your upper and lower bodies and displays your proportions as they really are. If your pants sit too high, your upper torso will look shorter and your legs will look longer. If they sit too low, your legs will look shorter and your torso length. Edited to recommend proper trouser break. Be sure not to have too much extra length in your trouser legs, otherwise, there will be too much break and the extra fabric will pile up on top of your shoes, making the pants look too long and your legs too short. And if you’re wearing an untucked shirt with long tails that’s meant to be tucked in it will make your upper body look much longer and your legs look short. By the same token, wearing a shirt with too-short tails untucked will just look like your shirt is too small or like you’re wearing a baby-doll or belly shirt. An untucked shirt should barely graze the tops of your front and back pants pockets and partially cover your belt buckle when your arms are down. And remember the golden rule of men’s dress: SIZE DOWN FOR A TAILORED FIT. If your shirt and trousers are too big, tucked or untucked won’t matter – you’ll just look like an asshole.

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