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Them your gods in world war million young people were sacrificed to appease political vanity i bet it. Happened near the end of the summer vacation how about ebola experiments on west africa. In kashmir children are kiled to make modi smiling and humanity crying all human culture and race have the. Ability to be evil in south africa every day people die among them children and. Raped babies under a corrupt government who dare to call themselves a Gator Mr 2 Bits Tee democracy while enforcing. Communist principles that has bankrupted the state eroded the middle class and now holds out a begging bowl to china. Who will take all its resources when it defaults on its loans school shooting im guessing. They were liberals how in gods name did this happen and kids today say they have it so.

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Tough in my country we like to sacrifice our children to the nra gods johnson just sacrificed a whole nation. Those glory days ahh luckily today we have people avoidng vaccines million biafrans christians sacrificed. To appease the usa uk in the zoo country called nigeria the sacrifice is still on till date the world. Is silent over years in my country nigeria m peoples has Gator Mr 2 Bits Tee been sacrificial lamb to appease the village. Of nomadic hausa fulani herdsmen same story now in different way this is how you. Know god doesnt exist orhes severely messed up or on drugs more to sacrifice unsatisfied gods the planet was sacrificed. To appease the god of profit visited the temple of the moonvery bloody they still do this. Today all over africa america sacrifices children in the womb daily because religion is harmless thats ignorance poor children proving. Once again god doesnt exist did it work wow in this age and era may their.

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