Georgetown Hoyas 2021 Big East Men’s Lacrosse Champions shirt

Yes. I found out my husband cheated on me and gave me a Georgetown Hoyas 2021 Big East Men’s Lacrosse Champions shirt. He left me for his mistress and took our kids with him. I couldn’t afford the bills on my own, so I got an eviction letter and was about to be homeless. My mother called and asked if I was sitting down and I said whatever she had to tell me couldn’t be any worse than what was already happening. I was wrong. My best friend has just died from a drug overdose. I had been estranged from her because of her drug use, but that didn’t lessen my love for her. This was the worse period of my life. It’s sad how we have infantilized the workplace so much, that employees feel the need to apologize for having personal lives. I am not a clock watcher. I trust you to get your job done. Keep clients happy. I am happy. Nothing. It was sad to see Harry listen to MM’s lies. That’s going to get old for Harry. I really feel sorry for Harry. With her big mouth, they really do need bodyguards.Georgetown Hoyas 2021 Big East Men's Lacrosse Champions shirt

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Not paid for by the Brits of course. And I wonder why she had a beautiful white wedding when she’s been married twice before? The one that got me was all the small things I needed but hadn’t thought of. I didn’t think of a toilet plunger, for example. I’d have had to do without a lot of small things and gradually get them if I didn’t have such awesome parents. They have fully stocked houses, extras of many small items. For the first few weeks, they’d come by with things. I didn’t move into an apartment maintained by a property manager, I moved into my own home. I’d budgeted some for small repairs and adjustments, but not nearly enough. My brothers came to the rescue. They mostly work in construction and building maintenance.

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