This is my Hallmark Christmas movies watching shirt

After I dropped her off and kissed her goodnight I headed back to the This is my Hallmark Christmas movies watching shirt. But I got off the freeway at 28th street north instead of 28th street south. I was lost! I was driving and looking at street signs when I glanced back at the road and saw a yellow light, I dropped the bike into third and opened the throttle, About 50′ before I got to the intersection the light turned red, it was to late to stop, I kept the throttle pinned open, traffic started to move, I swerved left and juked back right to avoid hitting the first car that was about halfway into the intersection. I was doing about 90mph in a 35mph zone while running a red light, and the car that I just narrowly avoided hitting was a cop car. I immediately slowed to the speed limit and pulled to the right. The cop got behind me and the lights came on, so I pulled to the curb. The cop walked up and asked for my license and registration and proof of insurance. I took off my helmet and hung it on the handle bar, fished out my ID holder (which had my military ID and drivers license) and handed it to the officer. Then I said “Is this about that light thing back there? Because I can explain.” The cop just stared at me (probably thinking, how in the hell can you explain that). So as I took my keys out of the ignition to get my registration and insurance from the glove box, I told him what happened. I finished telling him about the same time I was handing him my registration and insurance. He had been intently staring at me the whole time, so far the only words he had spoken to me were “License, registration and proof of insurance”

This is my Hallmark Christmas movies watching shirt

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