Harry Potter 20th anniversary 2001 2021 thank you for the memories shirt

A guy came to my apartment for a party and was being a real ass calling me a fag, saying hey fag boy get me another drink, and such. I didn’t even realize that he was a classmate of mine. Well, I slipped him a muscle relaxer or 3. And he passed out. After everyone was gone I stripped him naked and I was shocked to learn he was clean-shaven from the neck down. So I shave his face and put some makeup on him and put him in a skirt with his black boots with a bra and a shirt that showed his waist.


Took him outside to a picnic area and tied his knees to the seat spread apart and his wrist to the back of the seat spread even wider causing him to hunch over and let everyone see him in a skirt and no panties. I heard someone say that a jar of vaseline was right under his butt. I can’t say anything else. I wasn’t there when a couple of guys found him there. I left after I called them and went to sleep with my friend who was and still is my alibis. I see him at the gay bar when I get time to go over. He was wanting to get screwed I have a feeling he was in denial for a while.

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