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It ended with my ex going to jail and Heart indigenous hand shirt my daughter’s having to live with their father until I knew it was safe which was for about four months. My suggestion to anyone divorcing an abusive psychopath stay with families for a few weeks after the divorce because psychopaths never learn easy. I walked over and pointed out to the cashier how the other guy and I had been waiting at least ten minutes, while this woman she was waiting on had just now flown through the door. As I walked toward the door with my bag of food, entitled woman stood at a counter to add sugar, etc. to her extra-large coffee, when the cup flipped over and spilled its contents all across the counter and onto her. Rather, it’s a cultural construct, a categorization based on arbitrarily selected visible traits, but it doesn’t have deeper significance than that. The racial categories under which we currently suffer were created during the early modern period and eventually codified as pseudoscience in the 18th century.

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They were based on visible traits by natural philosophers who conceived of the most extreme types as idealized versions, and more or less similar variations from those idealized types as being a member of one or another group but nevertheless fundamentally separated from members of other groups. But this is wrong. For one thing, it imposes a really bad framework on human difference. Looking at the distribution of traits between groups, there’s a spectrum of difference, with frequency of traits rising and falling over distances rather than starting and stopping with firmly defined boundaries. Races, in short, don’t look like distinctive groups but rather points along a spectrum. Moreover, the underlying genetics don’t match the idea of race, which is not surprising, since the people who created the idea of race didn’t have a clue about genetics. And there’s significant diversity in genes for the traits used to designate racial categories. My genes for pale skin are not necessarily the same as somebody else’s genes for pale skin.

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