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While the Buffalo Bills Vintage Gridiron shirt Furthermore, I will do this runaway success of their auction may have been a bit of a surprise, the happy intersection of politics and Romancelandia (as the community is often known) does not surprise the writers. “Romance is a political genre,” says writer Sarah MacLean, whose historical romance novels have been translated into more than 20 languages. “Happily ever after—and who gets it on the page—is political.” MacLean auctioned off a manuscript critique, which went for just over $4,000. Her podcast, Fated Mates, mobilized its listeners to phone-bank in the months leading up to the election and continues to do so now.

Buffalo Bills Vintage Gridiron shirt

“Name a profession, and most likely there will be a romance writer there,” says Beverly Jenkins, a superstar in the Buffalo Bills Vintage Gridiron shirt Furthermore, I will do this genre, who auctioned off signed copies of her book as well as a one-hour conversation. “There are a ton of lawyers, along with marine biologists, physicists, surgeons, women who work for NASA, engineers, waitresses, stay-at-home moms, Shakespeare Fellows who write romance. So combining it with politics—that is part of the norm for us.”

Buffalo Bills Vintage Gridiron s hoodie

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