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Don’t limit yourself to one sport—your body, and mind, does better with some variety. Davison, for example, pairs cycling with Nordic skiing five times a week for a full-body workout. Off-piste, Randall does everything from fat-bike riding (with wide tires specifically made for handling snow, mud, and all terrain) to snowshoeing and Nordic skating (with long blades that clip onto cross-country ski boots).

Buffalo Bills Out of This World shirt

On days that are just too nasty or cold to be outside, Davison puts her bike on a stationary trainer and hooks up to Zwift, a virtual training platform that lets you race with and against others. (Davison rode with the Buffalo Bills Out of This World shirt Additionally,I will love this women’s Tour de France team recently.) Woody practices yoga and Pilates at home to increase flexibility, and Corbin does strength-training workouts, often with moves specifically tailored for runners and swimmers, on her Tonal device. (“My legs are shaking after,” she says.)

Buffalo Bills Out of This World s hoodie

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