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It’s so rare for a celebrity couple to end on anything other than allegedly mutual terms, that hearing Tendler describe herself as “heartbroken” and admit that it was Mulaney who chose to end their marriage feels strangely refreshing. Of course, there’s only so much about Mulaney and Tendler’s marriage and split that we can infer from a public statement—we don’t have all the details, nor should we—but it’s comforting to know that in celebrity romances, just as in normal ones, sometimes things don’t end well. Tendler’s admission that she wasn’t the one who chose to end her marriage feels like a bat signal for everyone who’s had a pandemic relationship end without quite knowing why.

Bulldog Stay home drink Wine and Pet the Dog vintage shirt

Tendler isn’t the only example of a celebrity (or celebrity’s partner) publicly Going Through It relationship-wise; back in February, Jason Sudeikis made headlines for showing up to the 2021 Golden Globes in a hoodie following the end of his years-long engagement to fellow actor Olivia Wilde. Of course, nothing celebrities do happens in a vacuum—following the awards show, Sudeikis said he “100% knew” that his look would cause “a whole to-do”—but it was still weirdly relatable to see Sudeikis in his tie-dyed athleisure, refusing to throw on a tux and pretend he was totally fine for the sake of the cameras.

Bulldog Stay home drink Wine and Pet the Dog vintage hoodie

Of course, you can’t talk about thorny public breakups without mentioning Heartburn. Nora Ephron’s 1983 novel told the all-too-real story of her experience being cheated on by then husband Carl Bernstein while she was pregnant and raising a toddler, and its brand of comedic vengeance still holds up today (it even became a movie starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, although, if we’re being honest, the book is far superior). Ephron’s mother constantly instructed her to “take notes” during her childhood, and that advice is well taken in Heartburn; by simply being honest, even at a slight novelistic distance, about the dissolution of her marriage and the toll it took on her, Ephron inspired generations of the lovelorn to get some of their agency back.

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