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This depends entirely on the engine and the type Hockey in Canada Night shirt and the weight of the oil in it. Cold oil will not want to flow. You might think you would risk breaking the oil pump drive or oil starvation to the bearings. This really isn’t a problem because if the oil is that cold the engine won’t even cranks over or will crank so slowly as to not start. If the engine does crank the oil in the bearings quickly increases in temperature due to its extremely low viscosity generating quite a lot of heat. Oil flow will be slow at first but should be fine as the oil heats up. It is paramount that you let it idle and watch for the oil pressure indicator light. If it comes on or stays on for any reason you must stop the engine as it likely has broken and oil pump part.

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Hockey in Canada Night shirt

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While starting an engine cold really should not cause problems there are some caveats. One potential problem is the thin oil pump drive shaft in some engines. The cold oil resistance could in theory snap this off. Another potential problem is a main or rod or cam bearing that hasn’t been clamped properly. The increased resistance might spin such a bearing which would cut off the oil supply to that journal and thus ruin it. Again if the car will start the oil will flow enough to lubricate all the bearings. Extreme cold weather running requires the use of synthetic oil. You can run a car much colder on synthetic than on regular non-synthetic oil. Viscosity will literally heat the oil up faster than the rest of the engine will heat up. Once your engine temp needle starts moving you can be sure the oil is warm enough to put a load on it. But be forewarned, if you ever let the engine get that cold, you may not be able to get it started unless you have a way of warming it up.


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