Hot life is way too short for bad vibes shirt

Because I was in a beater they thought I wouldn’t notice any dents or scratches and parked and got out without attempting to leave a note or anything. Unfortunately I was in there. Immediately jumped out and confronted them. “Excuse me, you just hit my car. You need to be more careful and park away from others if you’re unable to control your vehicle.”

Hot life is way too short for bad vibes shirt

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I drove a beater in my 20’s. It was a good running car but it’s exterior was a little rundown and was obviously a car well past its prime. I was meeting a friend at a local mall for lunch and some shopping. I’d just left work and she had about a half hour to go until her shift ended so no point in going home so I waited in my car reading until our meeting time. Ten minutes into parking someone attempted to park beside me in one of those over large SUVs… I say attempted because as they pulled into the spot they hit my car.

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