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Shito has chronicled New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks for 16 years and remains one of the Joshdub merch logo shirt What’s more,I will buy this best-dressed and most unmissable photographers outside the shows. “I started shooting in 2004 when Shoichi Aoki, the editor in chief of FRUiTS, asked me to be a street photographer,” Shito says, “suddenly, so it happened.” Since that serendipitous moment, Shito has traveled the world, helping shape the look of contemporary street style photography.  Though the book starts with a self-described “boast”—“I take photos around the globe, and I can’t help but feel that Tokyo is head and shoulders above other cities when it comes to street fashion,” Shito writes—it is a comprehensive look at how the fashionable have dressed for the better part of a decade. “There were many changes over the years. There are times when men’s fashion is more energetic than women’s, and other times on the contrary. There was a movement called Mori-girl in Japan, which was based on the concept of a girl who looks like she is living in the forest, and there were times when normcore was a trend on the other hand,” Shito says. “Sometimes the whole industry is very vigorous and there are times when it’s not. I think the young kids, especially men’s fashion in Tokyo nowadays, is so powerful and fun. They are so passionate about fashion!”

Joshdub merch logo shirt

Sorted by trends, the Joshdub merch logo shirt What’s more,I will buy this tome cycles through styles from “Pattern on Pattern” to “Hazushi / Zurashi” (Undoing/Shifting) as a means to encourage readers to try the styles themselves. “Throughout street photography, I strongly felt that fashion provides an opportunity to live your ideal life, a life that affirms who you are, and a power to change your life positively,” she says. “I hope that this book will become a way for readers to enjoy fashion.” As for where street style is headed next, Shito feels as unsure as the rest of us. “I don’t know, to be honest, and I think that may be the reason why I do street photography,” she says. “I want to photograph people on the street for as long as I can; it is my lifelong mission.” Old mentalities would say that backless dresses, revealing from shoulder blade to hip bone, were the exclusive purview of nights on the town. Historical evidence surely suggests it: Hailey Bieber in Alexander Wang at the 2019 Met gala, Hilary Swank in Guy Laroche at the 2005 Oscars, even Donyale Luna’s apple green Rudi Gernreich in 1968’s Skidoo, while worn indoors, is for a woman flaunting it. Going backless requires a partner—someone to observe the surprising gesture of a total spine reveal.

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