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To I survived snovid-21 #Oklahomatrong shirt make a long story short, at some point, my friend decided it was more important for her to spend weeks and months at a time away so she could spend time with her boyfriend out of town. She put me in charge of the cats. I won’t going to detail, but the situation was really untenable. Before she left, she dumped many of her 40 cats at local ranches, with no guarantee that they would be fed or cared for. Sue then asked me to place those who remained. I did my best to find good homes for them, and many, I believe, were permanent, with loving people. But one adopter deceived me. When I ran into him where he worked a few months later, I asked how the cats were. He would not look me in the eye. He then told me that he took them to the pound. I was horrified, because our local pound at the time did not keep cats for longer than three days, and then they disposed of them by putting them in a gas chamber, where the air was sucked out of their lungs as they suffered horribly and died. I asked why he didn’t call me so I could come take the cats back. He had no answer.

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Just recently, I ran into him again. I asked him again what happened to the two cats. This time, he said that one “ran away “, and his wife took the other one. Again, he would not look me in the eye. Which was it? I will never know. And I will never forgive myself for being so desperate to find homes for these cats who were not mine that these two likely suffered terribly as a result. So you need to carefully consider what is best for these animals, and do the right thing. If they mean nothing to you, and the last thing you want are two furry burdens complicating your life, then please at least bring them with you until you can very carefully screen a potential person to adopt them. Maybe they will grow on you. But at least your conscience will be clear, that you didn’t just dump them like your roommate did, and you will have fulfilled your ethical responsibility toward these poor, unwanted orphans. A young man came dashing past the end of the bridge, a police officer in hot pursuit. They both vanished from view rapidly. We stopped to read the information board about the historic bridge. A few minutes later, the suspect and the copper came walking back, a little out of breath. We overheard their conversation.

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