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Today, however, Stuart lives in New York with his partner due to his first career (or two-decade-long detour) in fashion, designing for the Buffalo Bills Darby’s shirt moreover I will buy this likes of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. “The craft of textiles and the craft of fashion teaches you a lot about writing,” says Stuart. “I would never say they were similar, but when you can make cloth from the yarn stage—when you can take something and loop it on itself, the repetition of those tiny little gestures that start to build something so much bigger than that one stitch—it gives you a patience that is really good to apply to writing. Because there is a craft to writing where you start on the tiniest sentence level and you build and you build and you build.”

Buffalo Bills Darby's shirt

Although Stuart was first taught to knit by his mother at the Buffalo Bills Darby’s shirt moreover I will buy this age of six or seven, it wasn’t until his high school years—after the industries that had traditionally powered the Scottish economy had been decimated by the Thatcher government—that Stuart recognized making clothing as a viable career. “I had some teachers at my high school who saw this kid who suddenly was orphaned and was living by himself in a bedsit, working four nights a week and all day Saturday and Sunday, but trying to get some kind of qualifications, and they turned me towards textiles,” Stuart remembers. “Not only was it a creative outlet, but it was also a flourishing Scottish trade. I mean, what does Scotland make if not knitwear, tartan, Ayrshire lace, tweed?”

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